GEFCO launches a new multimodal service from Europe to China via riga gateway

05 October 2017

GEFCO in close cooperation with Transcontainer and other industry partners launches a new route for multimodal deliveries connecting Germany and China via Riga Port in Baltic Gateway. The first train with 52 x 40’ containers started the journey from Riga to China on the 8th of May.

Rail freight between Europe and Asia is not just a trend, it is a real booming activity set to last, as China is building new lines and new terminals, and investing a lot to develop and promote this mode of transport that will reshape Eurasian flows.


Europe and Asia is often seen as one big piece of land called Eurasia. From Western Europe to Eastern China, a broad variety of climates and landscapes have stood still over the centuries as barriers holding against invaders, while making room for prosperous trade routes as old as trade itself.


Gefco is already a major player for delivery by FCL and LCL between China and Europe with already more than 200TEU per month with various range of services such as cars in containers, reefer, GPS, GOH.


In order to respond to the growing trade between Europe and China and market for container deliveries by rail, GEFCO is continuously looking for new and competitive solutions to meet customer requirements and support their business development. Rail transport is one of the most reliable mode of transport and new solution via Riga offers high quality service with12-14 days’ lead time combining different transport modalities and services – barge, short sea, rail, customs clearance, and final delivery at destination.


GEFCO is managing and coordinating the project with many parties involved where close cooperation and contribution of each party has led to successful project realization.  Containers supply for loading in Germany as well as railway equipment in Riga are provided by Transcontainer JSC while handling operations in Riga are supported by Nurminen Maritime Latvia Ltd. and GEFCO Baltic acts as the train operator from Riga to China.


The number of diplomatic meetings between Latvian and Chinese officials has picked up significantly over the past year and at the beginning of 2017 in order to develop cooperation between countries. This project is important for Latvian Transportation industry and Latvian Railways (LDZ) has provided strong support for launch of container trains from Riga to China.


New solution offers single point of contact and control from departure to arrival, guaranteed container supply for cargo loading in Europe, planned and fixed lead time; transparency, online tracking, and monitoring of safe delivery:

”Silk road solutions are becoming more and more important in logistics between China and Europe. Customers are looking for opportunities to reduce transit time and receive high quality service. Riga Gateway is an alternative route to reach China using rail and we believe that by launching this operation and proving the benefits and competitiveness of this new solution, we will be able to operate it on daily basis not only for deliveries to China, but also reaching Europe from China”,

emphasizes Mr. Martynas Kersys, General Director of GEFCO Baltic.


A new road map

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