GEFCO among the top five companies worldwide in 2019 HappyTrainees ranking

18 October 2018

GEFCO Group, a global provider of industrial services and the European leader in automotive logistics, has been awarded the 2019 HappyTrainees label in the World, Europe and France categories. For the first time, GEFCO ranks among the world’s top five companies for happy trainees, apprentices and international corporate volunteers.

An online survey of HR excellence

Created in 2012, the®Trainees ranking recognizes companies that have achieved excellence in their systems for onboarding, supporting and managing students. The ranking has two main objectives: to guide young employees in their career choices by highlighting the best-ranked companies, and to enable participating companies to assess their HR policies with complete transparency.

For the 2019 ranking, more than 50,000 trainees and apprentices took part in a digital survey to evaluate (from 0 to 5) their everyday experience of their company in six areas: career development, working environment, management, motivation, pride and enjoyment.

This year, the HappyTrainee label has been awarded to 200 companies out of more than 3,300 participants in the three categories, which are based on the number of students employed annually (over 500, 100-499 or under 100).


GEFCO achieves the World, Europe and France labels

For the first time, GEFCO ranks among the top five global companies (employing 100-499 students annually) where interns and apprentices are the happiest, having achieved a score of 3.87 out of 5. In total, 77.6% of students say they would recommend GEFCO for an internship, a work-study placement or an international volunteer program.

GEFCO also obtained the HappyTrainees label in the Europe and France categories, with score of 3.84 and 3.85 respectively out of 5. This result reflects the consistency of the company’s onboarding policy in France and its subsidiaries worldwide.


Once again, we’re delighted and very proud to have achieved the HappyTrainees label, which demonstrates the trust students place in our group. Apprenticeships, career development and training are key drivers of GEFCO Group’s performance and success. In particular, we count on these young talents and their new ideas to boost innovation internally and help build the future of our company. They play an important role in our teams, so our message to them is: join us!

Virginie Outerovitch

Group Talent director at GEFCO

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